From Climbers to Climbers

Our dear friends and colleagues! Today we shall ask you for help.

Climbers all over the world are the one family. Many Ukrainian climbers are on battlefields fighting for lives of their families and for our country. They are fighting for the future of not Ukraine only, but of the whole Europe, as Russia is now threatening Poland, Lithuania and other EU states.

Just a few days before the war, we were climbing carelessly in Chamonix and Tirol, competing, and getting in shape for the spring season. On February 24 we all woke up to the terrible sounds of bombing. With regular sirens, curfew, climbing gyms used as refugee shelters, we – former climbers - became warriors and volunteers. We put the ice tools away and use weapons instead, in defence of our country- Ukraine.

Here is what we’re going through.

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Ukrainian army forces are strong and we trust in them. But since the beginning of this horrific invasion by Russia, the quantity of soldiers and territorial defense has at least doubled, sometimes there is shortage of even the basic supplies, not to mention the more sophisticated devices required to repel effectively the enemy attacks.

Who we are

We are not a big charity fund. We are a community of Ukrainian climbers willing to help other climbers who now defend Ukraine, keep them protected while maximizing the efficiency of their efforts.


What we are doing to help our friends

  • Purchasing the basic equipment and protection (ballistic vest and helmets, ballistic goggles, another tactical equipment)
  • Purchasing the basic necessities for extended stay in fields (mats, sleeping bags, electric generators, etc.)
  • Purchasing the medical supplies (FAIK, tourniquets, medicines)
  • Purchasing and bringing in the vehicles from the EU
  • Purchasing the intelligence devices (thermal and night vision cameras, drones, laptops, etc.)
  • Purchasing the optical devices
One of our friends, now defending Ukraine